New to Podcasting?

If you’re new to podcasting – perhaps since the explosively popular Serial program launched late last year – you’re not alone. We’re happy to help get you acclimated… although we’re pretty new to it ourselves.

NOTE: If you don’t want to mess around with having shows automatically download to your mobile as soon as they come out by subscribing, you can just go straight to our HOME page and click on the headline for the podcast that interests you! 
Here’s how podcasting works:
Podcasting is an automated system for distributing radio programs to listeners over the internet. These recorded files can be heard a couple of different ways:
  • You can sign up to receive your favorite podcasts each time a new one is produced and have them download, automatically, to your mobile device, or
  • You can go to a page on the show’s website and click on the play button, then listen on your computer.
In the Mac world, podcasting is seamlessly executed by iTunes, which will organize and download files to your computer, then transfer those recordings to your iPhone or other Apple device whenever you connect the two. But there are also independent apps that work on Apple.
On the Android platform, there are many apps available that will allow you to subscribe to podcasts, and listen whenever you’re ready.
We like Downcast  on the iOS platform (as an alternative to iTunes), and on Android we use an app called  Podcast Republic.  But we haven’t tried that many, and a big part of choosing an app has to do with how you and the user interface get along.