John Derbyshire


Writer, podcaster, self-described “pop-mathematician” and homophobe, and all-around provocateur John Derbyshire has been an outspoken conservative on issues ranging from fiscal responsibility to multiculturalism to racial relations. “Derb” wrote for National Review when he was famously terminated in 2012 for an article which he wrote (which was published in Taki Magazine) entitled “The Talk: Non-Black Version.” On John’s webpage he has a page called the defenestration of Derb discussing the circumstances.

Among Derbyshire’s many writings is a completely sparkling book mixing the mathematics of the Riemann hypothesis and biography of Riemann and his contemporaries called Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics.

John’s online writings are now exclusively on His┬ápodcast, Radio Derb, comes out weekly.