Todd Feinburg

Todd is a radio talk host who currently handles afternoon drive – from 3 to 6pm – on WTIC News-Talk 1080 for CBS Hartford. He had a ten year stint at WRKO in Boston where he hosted several different dayparts, the last of which was the morning show, which he co-hosted for 5 years. He continues to do fill-in hosting for WRKO. Before joining WTIC in April of 2017, Todd spent a year and a half as editor and then editor/publisher of the Jewish Journal, a Greater Boston newspaper.

Other stations where Todd has done talk radio include WHAS in Louisville, WRVA in Richmond, WHJJ in Providence and WBZ in Boston. 

A libertarian leaning conservative, Todd says he’s not ideological but rather philosophical – he calls his approach, “seeing the obvious.”

Todd has been named three times to Talkers Magazine’s list of the Top 100 Most Important Hosts in the US.