About the Podcast

The Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast launched in March of 2015, the creation of Nanophysicist Mike Stopa and Todd Feinburg, a radio talk host from Connecticut (heard weekdays from 3-6pm on WTIC NewsTalk 1080 in Hartford).

The HLCpodcast features Stopa and Feinburg playfully bouncing around or viscously debating big political news. In a world with two many NeverTrumpers, the two defend the 45th President without being unwilling to admit to an occasional deficiency. The show tapes mostly on Monday evenings for posting early Tuesday, and has featured occasional guests such as Rob Long, Jeff Sessions, Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Scott Adams, Pamela Geller and Emily Bazelon.

The use of the Harvard name originates from the show being an offshoot of the Harvard Conservatives Lunch Club, an extended group of friends and colleagues who get together for occasional lunches which Mike began in the Spring of 2011 in Cambridge. Having a Harvard affiliation was not a pre-requisite for membership – Stopa was a Harvard physicist at the time, Feinburg had hung around Harvard Square while a lad in the 1970s.