HLC-158 The Harvard Bitcoin Political Podcast

HLC-158 The Harvard Bitcoin Political Podcast

Well it worked for the Long Blockchain nee Island Ice Tea Corporation, why can’t it work for us? The former Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast is now the Harvard Bitcoin Club Podcast…or maybe it’s the Harvard Lunch Club Bitcoin podcast…we’re not sure yet. But the Long Island Iced Tea Company tripled their share price last month after catching the bitcoin wave with a catchy name change to go along with their business model change. So we too are going for it!

In this edition of the Harvard Bitcoin Club podcast we talk about…Bitcoin! and then some more about bitcoin! and then (to show how flexible we are) we talk about racism and Donald Trump.

Last week, founding father Peter Robinson posted on Ricochet an email Mike sent to him with my brief explanation of bitcoin – how it works, why is it worth anything, and what will it be worth tomorrow. You can find it here. Thanks Peter!

You should equally check out the comments where the great Ricochetti once again displayed their depth and erudition. You know there are a lot of smart, well-informed people out there!

In the future we will, on the Harvard Lunch Club page, um, er, the Harvard Bitcoin Club page, have a page of explanations and links to the bitcoin literature that embellishes on my short explanation. But for now, enjoy and comment and please recommend us to your friends and on iTunes!

In addition to our shower thoughts (natch!) our hidden gem this time (and it’s pretty well hidden, believe me) is that smash hit “Om Asatoma” by Deva Premal.




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