HLC-157 Let’s Go Get Sessions Stoned

HLC-157 Let’s Go Get Sessions Stoned

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for January 10, 2018, number 157, it’s the Let’s Go Get Sessions Stoned edition of the show with your Magical Mystery Tour guides Todd Feinburg and Mike Stopa.

This week we explore the non-changes to the federal law prohibiting the sale and use of marijuana and the radical suggestion (hasn’t he done this before?) by A.G. Jeff Sessions that we enforce the existing law!!! Where did they find this guy? Hasn’t he been around Washington enough to know that we pick and choose which laws we enforce based on our perceived anticipation of the arc of history?¬†Our HLC edition #80 contains our interview with then Senator Sessions and is here.

And we will also discuss Oprah! or, as NBC likes to call her, OUR future President Oprah (nothin but respect here too). After the Dems and the left have gotten flattened by an eighteen wheeler from the reality TV world, does it make sense that they should go looking for and eighteen wheeler of their own? We will discuss.

We have our shower thoughts. And, our hidden gem for the week is from Brewer and Shipley: One Toke Over the Line. (p.s. they’re both still alive).


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