HLC-155 The Exquisite Flake

HLC-155 The Exquisite Flake

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for December 27, 2017 it’s the Exquisite Flake edition of the show, episode 155 (O.M.G.). We are your humble hosts…at times unabashedly pro-Trump, at times, acerbic, at times silly, we are Todd Feinburg, radio guy and Mike Stopa nanophysicist. And we are with you every week to keep you up to date and properly enraged at the political landscape.

This week, enraged is the key to the show. We have two topics, both enraging. First, Jeff Flake and second regulatory dark matter.

One. Jeff flake recently commented that the people at Trump rallies are the “spasms of a dying party” and that Trump is ruling through “anger and resentment.” This is the guy who drove around trying to bamboozle federal agents who came to his family;s ranch (or flew over it) trying to catch the illegal aliens that Flake’s family was “hiring and harboring” (that’s a felony if you want to look it up). Flake then goes on to say that he is thinking of treading in the giant footsteps of Evan McMullin in 2020 carrying the conscientious conservative banner.

Flake is the kind of conservative who is – shallow as a dishpan – convinced that whatever is good for the Flake family is good for America. His sense of entitlement would embarrass Prince Harry. He waxes eloquent in the NY Times recently about how he, *he*, the very scion of the Flake dynasty, sat in humility at the feel of their illegal alien ranch hand and learned the value of hard work from the heathen. It reads like Jesus washing the feet of his lowly disciples.

Then, we have a terrific discussion with Wayne Crews, the director of technology at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the coiner of the phrase “regulatory dark matter.” Wayne (who can do a handstand on a skateboard…while it’s moving) has some very positive things to say about how the Trump Administration has taken on the regulatory straightjacket that Obama left us in. great guy, this fellow Crews. We recommend you tune in.

We will have, per usual, our shower thoughts and our hidden gem for the week is from the band Dollar (from UK and Canada, not Sweden) called I Need Your Love.


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