HLC-147 Happy Trump Year!!!

HLC-147 Happy Trump Year!!!

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for November 7, 2017, it’s number 147, the Happy Trump Year edition of the show with your hosts Hartford radio guy Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist Mike Stopa. One day short of the anniversary of napalm in the morning…or evening…or whenever. It was victory when it happened. And it smelled great!

But first, a word from our sponsors! Don’t forget, this Saturday in Burlington MA at the Tavern in the Square, 100 District Ave. come join founder Rob Long and Michael in the Morning host Michael Graham along with us guys, the HLC podcasters Todd and Mike for an evening of comradery, argument and great fun at the Boston area Ricochet meetup.

Now, back to our show.

This week we will talk first about atheism and mass murderers. Did Devin Kelley’s atheism have anything to do with the motivation (if such it can be called) for his massacre? What sets atheists apart? And if his religious beliefs (or lack thereof) were really of no relevance to his actions (which, in fact we believe) then what is winding the spring inside the heads of killers like him?

Next, for a happier topic, we celebrate the first year of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Paper hats and noisemakers are given out to the first one hundred participants. Birthday cake will be given to all. I make a shameless reference to my Boston Globe column published Monday asserting that, pace unhinged liberals¬† and even more unhinged NeverTrumpers (sorry, we’re not supposed to use that term, right?) Donald Trump is proof positive that his followers are *not* as interested in personality as they are in ideas and policies. We expound.

We will have our shower thoughts and this week’s “hidden” gem (okay, not so hidden really) is one of my favorite Beatles pieces: “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight.” Enjoy!



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