HLC-146 Man the Forts!

HLC-146 Man the Forts!

Reminder: Join Rob Long, Todd Feinburg, Mike Stopa and Michael in the Morning host Michael Graham for the Boston-area Ricochet Meetup on November 11, 2017 at the Tavern in the Square in Burlington, MA from 7-10 pm. Details here.

Oooo…whatta title!

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for October 31, 2017 – our Halloween podcast – which we call the Man the Forts edition of the show. (Sorry about that). Your hosts, as always, are Hartford radio guy Todd Feinburg and Boston area nanophysicist Mike Stopa. This week our topics are:

(1) the Manafort/Gates indictments and the Papadopolous guilty plea. Who on earth is the “European Centre for the Ukraine” (don’t go looking for them, they don’t exist anymore)? Will this investigation culminate in Trump firing Mueller only to have the entire Democratic half of Congress endorse the firing because they’re deeper in it than anyone?

(2) in “celebration” of the one year anniversary of the Trump election (appropriate that this is coming out on Halloween)┬áthe left has decided to have a wave of “Scream Helplessly at the Sky” events across the country. We are pretty sure that this is real. It is advertised everywhere. If it’s a hoax people are going to show up anyway.

Anyhow, what kind of people come out to these things? Will there be hot girls? And how does the perpetual outrage convince the left that the reason Trump remains stubbornly popular with his base is somehow attributable to his personality??? Can we expect some community of Scranton Trumpkins to do a choral video recording (a la “Obama’s Gonna Change the World”) of, oh, “Trump’s Gonna Make America Great Again?” the mind reels.

We will have our shower thoughts and this week’s hidden gem (Todd takes over once again) is from Led Zeppelin III, Since I’ve Been Loving You.




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