HLC-136 The Liberal Eclipse Podcast

HLC-136 The Liberal Eclipse Podcast

Welcome to the Celestial Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for August 22, 2017 it’s the Liberal Eclipse edition of the show with your hosts Todd Feinburg, radio talk show host, and Mike Stopa, nanophysicist. This week, beneath ominous and foretelling skies we bring you ominous and foretelling tales both ancient and modern of the fates of our times. We will talk about the following Orwellian premise: how can you sort out truth from fiction when all messaging is biased? Whatever happened to unbiased journalism? Was it ever more than a myth?

And then we will discuss the defection (I almost wrote another similar-sounding word there that would have been more appropriate) of one Julian Krein from (so he says) the Trump defenders over to the Bill Kristol/Jennifer Rubin/Bret Stephens/etc. etc. wing, the so-called “irrelevant wing” of the conservative movement. Krein writes:

[Trump’s] refusal this weekend to specifically and immediately denounce the groups responsible for this intolerable violence [i.e. Charlottesville] was both morally disgusting and monumentally stupid. In this, Mr. Trump failed perhaps the easiest imaginable test of presidential leadership. Rather than advance a vision of national unity that he claims to represent, his indefensible equivocation can only inflame the most vicious forces of division within our country.

I mean, seriously. Give.Me.A.Break.

Here’s the thing. How is it possible to have come along with Trump this far only to have this utterly faux atrocity suddenly cause you to part company with him? If this is genuine – if this burst of outrage at the utterly anodyne remarks of Trump last weekend are seriously the psychological pop-goes-the-weasel that moved Mr. Krein from over here to way over there, then Mr. Krein is either absurdly susceptible to media suggestion or else he’s got a secret IED in his brain that somehow got triggered.

We will have our shower thoughts. We will talk about our encounters with the local constabulary (i.e. being pulled over by the cops) and what transpired. And, yes, the hidden gem! This week returning to Neil Young and Harvest Moon. Enjoy!

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