HLC-135 The Double Standard Podcast

HLC-135 The Double Standard Podcast

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for August 15, 2017 it’s the Double Standard edition of the show with your hosts, radio talk show host Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist Mike Stopa. This week our guest is our friend Heather Mac Donald who joins us from the arid environs of Southern Cal and comforts us by confiding that she is no longer piloting an automated vehicle on the suicidal freeways of the south-left coast. Stay safe, Heather!

We discuss the situation in Charlottesville and the resulting debris spreading outward across the country – not least of all to the White House and the President. Here is, I would say, the kind of cognitive dissonance that the left lives with every day when an internal contradiction in their worldview rears its ugly head. A hopefully psychopathic cretin associated with the White Supremacist movement takes his car and – tearing a book from the ISIS playbook – rams it into a crowd of peaceful protesters killing one and injuring many others. Save me, for a moment, the equivocations. This murderer is, or thinks he is, one of us. Consequently, he besmirches all of us.

Every movement, every identity group has, among its members, the forlorn souls who compensate for their vanishing self-esteem by their pride in membership in the group. And they are the most dangerous and pathetic. The only *constructive* thing you can say is, if you are on the right and you see someone like that who might do something like James Alex Fields did Saturday, grab ’em and hold ’em until the guys with the nets can get there.

Ok. Enough catharsis. Our conversation with Heather and Todd goes far beyond the pathos. We talk about Heather’s Wall Street Journal article on the Google = Gulag kerfuffle. We have (of course!) our shower thoughts and our hidden gem this week is from Edith Piaf: “Milord.”

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