HLC-133 Scaramucci Does the Fandango

HLC-133 Scaramucci Does the Fandango

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for August 1, 2017 it’s the Summer’s Almost Ov…. oops, I mean it’s the Scaramucci Does the Fandango edition of the podcast with your hosts Todd Feinburg and Mike Stopa.

Our topics today range from absurdity to armageddon, from Springtime for Kelly to Nuclear Winter for Kim.

First, the Mooch is out after 11 days. Twitter is in riotous full bloom as a result. Here is just a taste:

We will talk about the yuk-yuks and also the serious aspects of what happens next in the White House harlequinade.

Next, the obvious news for the past six months is the obvious news today: does anyone else out there think that we are on a course to bomb North Korea in the next, oh, six months or so if not sooner? Is there a non-military solution or are we in a “Peace in our time” moment in history again? We will analyze.

We will, of course, have our shower thoughts and our hidden gem for the week is a soulful little piece by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa called Your Heart is as Black as Night.



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