HLC-132 The Smart Girl goes to Harvard edition

HLC-132 The Smart Girl goes to Harvard edition

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club podcast for July 25, 2017 it’s the Smart Girl Goes to Harvard edition of the podcast with our special (smart) guest CO-HOST (first time ever!) Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politics Podcast fame.

It’s kind of like a podcast version of a junior high school dance. We’re all a little bit clumsy and awkward, but the (political) hormones are thick in the air! We had a great time. As for Teri maybe she didn’t, like, listen to our show before agreeing to join us. But it all turns out for the best in the end.

We talk about whether the Trump Administration has now and forever gone over to Democrat Party control with the Russian battle being fought with the tenacity of Stalingrad. Can they keep sandbaggin forever? Does the whole perpetual scandal/outrage have any real effect on (a) the process of policy in D.C. and (b) the perspective on the Trump Administration in the heartland? We will discuss.

Then, we will discuss subscription boxes. Is anyone out there trying to piece together in their mind what a “subscription box” might be, as I was when I first heard the term? For the most part I don’t regret being on the outside of the culture looking in. But I’d rather at least be looking in from someplace closer than, oh, Andromeda. But Teri will fill us in on subscription boxes (I actually first learned about them from her recent podcast on the issue) and the, OMG, youtube videos of people opening subscription boxes and showing us what they like and don’t like. For us here at HLC it is a bit of a gender bender. But now we’re sold.

We will have three (count ’em, three) shower thoughts and Teri has graciously chosen this week’s hidden gem from the Beatles: Rain.

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