HLC-128 The Unbanned Podcast

HLC-128 The Unbanned Podcast

We celebrate the SCOTUS ruling that, to no sane person’s surprise, the suspension of President Trump’s ban on travel from “six predominantly Muslim countries” was an absurd invasion by judicial activists into the blatantly Executive functions of the government. This is, as you have guessed, the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast, episode 128, with our guest Jessica Vaughan from the Center for Immigration Studies.

So, it is always preposterous to predict the future in the age of Trump. But does it not feel – and I am talking visceral response here – but does it not feel that the Trump Administration has turned the corner? What do I mean?

I mean that, the Russia collusion thing is exhausted (even Glenn Greenwald thinks so), the obstruction of justice story has turned toward Loretta Lynch and Obama more than Trump, the travel ban-ban of the 4th and 9th Circuit Courts have been slapped, slapped down. Obamacare repeal is chugging along.

But most of all, the self-fulfilling prophecy of impeachment is simply not fulfilling itself the was it was supposed to.

Enter: Trump Admin policy! The travel ban and, most importantly the rumbling freight train that ICE and Border Patrol and Red Cross Knight himself Jeff Sessions have become: what euphoria!

Jessica tells us what has changed since a year ago; what hope – where there was no hope for enforcement of the law before – is now blooming across America.

Let the Never Trumpers guffaw and the liberals moan. America is getting some of that greatness back in the tank again!

We, your HLC podcasters, will have our shower thoughts, as usual. And our hidden gem this week is a *real gem.* Please listen to the end. Peggy Lee”: “Is That All There Is?”

And since you read this far and you got this much time on your hands, what say you drop two buck – I am not kidding, two lousy bucks – on us for our daily coffee? We will light a candle in your name at our neighborhood Shrine to the Saint Bernice.



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