HLC-127 Redskins and White Vans

HLC-127 Redskins and White Vans

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for June 20, 2017, it’s the Redskins and White Vans edition of the show with your hosts Todd Feinburg and Mike Stopa.

Our topics this week include the breaking news of today’s “terrorist attack” (note the scare quotes) in London at the Finsbury Park mosque. A white dude – quickly identified as such – in a white van ran onto the sidewalk and over some not very white Muslims as they were leaving their Ramadan prayer service. Does this qualify as a terrorist attack? Do ISIS-inspired attacks qualify as terrorist attacks? Mike thinks that they do not! Todd disagrees.

Our second topic (which we do first) involves the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the rock and roll band “The Slants” (they’re Asian) and, simultaneously, the Washington Redskins, who can now trademark anything they dern well please regardless of what the gommint thinks about it. Mike has had a long and not too appreciatory history with the Redskins. He will babble on about that for a while.

We will, as always, have our shower thoughts. And our hidden gem this week is, appropriately “Hail to the Redskins!” the Redskins fight song.



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