HLC-126 The Plot to Scapegoat Trump

HLC-126 The Plot to Scapegoat Trump

Welcome to another special European edition – this is getting to be habit-forming, isn’t it? – of the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast. It’s the “Plot to Scapegoat Trump” edition of the show with our European Co-host (complete with Irish accent) William Campbell.

On William’s forthcoming “Challenging Opinions” podcast he interviews writer Daniel Kovalik whose recent book “The Plot to Scapegoat Putin” is gathering notice (and whose title we ignominiously purloined for this podcast). Kovalik’s thesis is that American’s are fixating on Putin as an all-powerful demon when in fact he is just an oligarchic dictator of a broken country with the GDP of Spain. ┬áMike (that’s me) argues that the American left’s obsession with Russia has, in fact, little or nothing to do with Russia. That obsession has of course uncovered actual facts about Putin and Russia and cybercrime, etc. But the whole motive to start that investigation is based in an effort to salve the wounds of electoral defeat to Donald Trump.

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