HLC-125 Those Damned Old People

HLC-125 Those Damned Old People

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for June 13, 2017 – it’s the Those Damned Old People edition of the show. We set out clearly and distinctly, at the top of the show, to delineate clearly our topics. and then we just talk about James Comey and the failing battle against the deep state.

We do, after all, talk about TrumpCare. Question number one in that context is: does the folderol of the Russian collusion theater actually make a difference on the progress – or lack thereof – of Trump’s legislative agenda? Seems like Paul Ryan thinks that even if the White House burns down the folks on Capitol Hill will continue moving forward (though no doubt at their glacial pace). To wit, it looks like, all of a sudden, certain liberal outlets (e.g. Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo) are getting frantic that Obamacare is actually about to be repealed and replaced. I have no idea if this is the good repeal and replace or the dreaded Obamacare light repeal and replace or something in between. But I am not particular. Any repeal and replace will make me happy – just a question of degree.

We say we’re going to talk about a recent article on reflections on the Vietnam era and the imperative for a national service program…which sounds like a title of one of those symposiums that your alma mater puts on when you come back for reunion weekend. which is appropriate, because the guy who wrote the article is being prompted by his Harvard 1967 reunion. But hell, we don’t even get to it – so why am I babbling on here?

Anyhooo…we have, as always, our shower thoughts and our hidden gem for the week is Liza Minnelli and the Pet Shop Boys (who knew?) performing Losing My Mind. Enjoy!


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