HLC-120 The Evil Losers Podcast

HLC-120 The Evil Losers Podcast

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for May 24, 2017 it’s the “Evil Losers” edition of the podcast, brought to you by SimpliSafe.

This week we talk about the only thing that we can talk about right now which is the latest radical Islamic horror show in Manchester on Monday evening. So two questions retain their salience despite the sad repetition of terrorist attacks and of this conversation every few months: 1. what can be done about it? and, 2. *will* anything be done about it? Possible answers to question 1: deport the family of the terrorist back to Libya, deport the Imam of the mosque where our latest noxious insect “worshipped,” blow up the parents’ house, blow up the mosque. As to question 2, what kind of stimulus is necessary before people really demand radical solutions to a radical problem? Or are we just a frog being slowly boiled?

Second, we will talk about the Trump trip and the potential for this president to make a difference. The Saudi reception was nothing short of lavish. Why aren’t the Saudis enraged at Trump’s proposed “Muslim ban?” Why aren’t the Saudis refusing to talk to the man who said “Islam hates us?” Perhaps he has caught their attention.

We will have, as always, our shower thoughts. And finally, of course, we have our hidden gem of the week, which this week is: I’d Love to Change the World, by Ten Years After.

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