HLC-113 The Ripping Families Apart Podcast

HLC-113 The Ripping Families Apart Podcast
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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for April 4, 2017, it’s the Ripping Families Apart Podcast, brought to you this week by SimpliSafe. Start protecting your home the smart way using the award winning system that is revolutionizing the industry by going to SimpliSafe.com. And we are brought to you by Harry’s. I use it. I love it. Nuff said?

This week, there’s a bombing in Saint Pete, we’re about to nuke Jong Un, there’s a Senate filibuster that’s about to change the tune (there’s a Scout Troup short a child, Kruschev’s due at Idelwild…). Etc. but *we* gentle listeners, are going to talk about panic…as in panic attack…as in the L.A. Times has this time really lost it. And the left can’t take it anymore. Talk to your liberal friends – or find some liberals to befriend and talk to them. They *believe* that Trump is on the threshold of impeachment. Trump’s tweets prove it. It is fascinating and fun to watch the meltdown. (What is a meltdown called when it is pereptual?).

Then, speaking of fun, Susan Rice is in deep, deep poo-poo:

Susan, looks like I am losin’

I’m losin’ my mind (losin’ my mind)

I’m wastin’ my time

Susan do you have to be confusin’

I ask myself why you’re sayin’ goodbye

Hot off the wires, blogger Mike Cernovich has uncovered the culprit who rounded up incidental intelligence on the Trump campaign (since July) and spread it around the Obama Administration for all to see. It might not be illegal, but it is going to be a lot of fun watching her being cross-examined by Trey Gowdy or the like…if and when she ever returns to the United States.

We will have our shower thoughts as usual and this week’s hidden gem is by the Counting Crows, the 2002 hit Hard Candy . If, for some unfathomable reason you actually *like* the song My Way, I heartily suggest that you close your podcast app before we get to it.

This edition of the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast is brought to you by SimpliSafe.

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