HLC-106 Stephen Miller, Be Our Valentine!

HLC-106 Stephen Miller, Be Our Valentine!

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for February 14, 2017 it’s the Stephen Miller, Be Our Valentine edition of the podcast. We are brought to you this week by Harry’s Shave. Two comments: (1) you’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it, get it now you *will* love it, (2) use the URL harrys.com/Harvard. We are also brought to you by Casper mattresses: with over twenty thousand reviews and over 4.8 out of 5 stars, it is quickly becoming the internet’s favorite mattress. And we are brought to you by The Great Courses Plus. They have over 8,000 video lectures on a wide assortment of topics. Learn something new today.

This week on the podcast we discuss the poster child for amnesty, the golden nugget sympathy case for open borders, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos. De Rayos, or as we think of her, mother Guady, has been deported. She is a mother of two American-born children (i.e. anchor babies). She has been in America for 22 years. She came here as a 14 year old looking for a better life. She is doing what she is doing “out of love.” (Where have we heard *that* before?). And she only committed one, almost insignificant felony (identity theft) and she’s reaaaalllly sorry about that. The elitist media Cannot Conceive of why anyone would want the law to be enforced and mother Guady forced to leave. The reaction of the average deplorable is, however, “it’s about time.”

We also discuss the new rock star of the right, Stephen (“Stairway to Heaven”) Miller! Here is another gestalt of epically stark proportions. Todd and I and Ann Coulter think he was phenomenal: courageous, on message and lethally logical. Morning Joe, Mika Brezinski, the Chicago Tribune and the rest of the main stream media were simply apoplectic. If they thought that Trump was kidding about the things he said on the campaign trail, Stephen Miller is helping them to get their heads straight.

Finally, in a bit of a curve, we talk about who we *want* to bring here to the United States of America. We are not, here at the HLC podcast, in spite of appearances to the contrary, at all closed border or “pull up the draw bridges” Americans. What are the criteria for invites to this grand party we call the USA?

We will have, as always, our shower thoughts  and our hidden gem this week is Keith Jarrett’s encore piece from his famous Köln concert (side four of the album).

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