HLC-102 Scott Adams is a Really Smart Guy

HLC-102 Scott Adams is a Really Smart Guy

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for January 18, 2017, it’s the Scott (Dilbert) Adams is a Real Smart Guy edition of the podcast brought to you by ZipRecruiter and SimpliSafe.

This week we have the pleasure of conversing with cartoonist and hypnotist and author and Trump supporter Scott Adams. Did you know that Adams “predicted” the election of Donald Trump 26 years ago (or his elevation to Godhood anyway, see above strip from Valentine’s Day 1990) through Dogbert and then really predicted his election in 2015? Adams realized, through his grasp of techniques of persuasion, that Trump was up to something remarkable and powerful early on.

We also talk to Scott about his ideas about immortality and global warming and a variety of other cool stuff. In the future look for the adaptation of the Harvard Lunch Club calendar to WhenHub – Adams’ most recent start-up: a timeline organizing software.

Next, we discuss the mob of GOP foreign policy experts (e.g. Michael Chertoff, Tom Ridge and Robert Zoellick etc.) who, both during the primaries and later after Trump had won the nomination, signed #NeverTrump letters of unusual vitriol saying that they would oppose – until the doors of hell themselves opened on earth and the legions of Beelzebub belched forth – the stain that is Donald Trump.

Well, turns out that Team Trump has not been making any job-offer type calls to those chaps who wrote their names on those billet-doux. But they (the mob) have tried to make it clear that – out of a sense of patriotic duty – they are willing to extend their expertise to help the new administration of Mr., er, Mr. President Donald Trump…should he ask. Because they feel like they ought to…it’s patriotism you understand.

We will have our shower thoughts. And this week’s hidden gem, a propos of the opening of a new, brighter age, is Morning Glow, from the Broadway Show (Todd’s favorite) Pippin. Performed by John Rubenstein of the original cast and written by Stephen Schwartz.

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