HLC-099 Did 2016 Rock or What?

HLC-099 Did 2016 Rock or What?

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club podcast for December 27, 2016 it’s the “Was 2016 Awesome or What?” edition. This is episode number 99 of the HLC Podcast, one short of a century, and our final podcast for the phenomenal year of 2016.

Everybody loves a year in review article or story before New Year’s and since this is our last episode for 2016 we each offer three topics that have seized our imagination, thwarted our tightly held assumptions or tickled our funny-bones.

Well, what were those you ask? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

There are people (and others) who exited the stage in 2016 – de rigueur for year-end reviews. There were political upheavals and embarrassing scandals in 2016. There were movements and fallouts in 2016. But we’ll tell you one thing, we try for once to lighten up on the Trump, Trump, Trump marching feet of 2016 theme. So cautious to the sensational, eschewing the jejune, here are our thoughts on what made 2016 a Yuuuuge year.

We will have our shower thoughts as always. And our hidden gem this week is by Bonnie Raitt, Women Be Wise (Don’t Advertise Your Man).

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