HLC-098 Electoral College Podcast

HLC-098 Electoral College Podcast

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for December 20, 2016, it’s the Electoral College Edition of the podcast…hosted by nanophysicist Mike Stopa and radio talk host Todd Feinburg! We’re excited because we talk with the noted climatologist and courageous skeptic Judith Curry about the details – we’re talking details here – of the climate alarmist argument, and why most of the argument about global warming is rigged.

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We started with the idea that we would bring you three (fascinating) topics. But the interview with Professor Curry of Georgia Tech was so engrossing that we whittled the other stuff down. So we will talk about (1) the electoral college, Donald Trump’s win (again) and whether democracy would be better served by having any old 50.00001% of the people making the choice. What are these “state” things all about anyway!?!

And then (2) on to our discussion with Judy Curry. There are few more courageous climate scientists around and about these days than Dr. Curry. Her specialty is the exchange of heat between different components of the climate system, in particular between the ocean and the atmosphere. She talks about the dichotomy between those who believe that external forcings like CO2 and solar radiance dominate the temperature, on the one hand, or whether internal dynamics are dominant and external forcings less relevant on the other hand. As I say, we do some real nuts and bolts here, so hold onto your hats.

We will have our shower thoughts as always. And our hidden gem this week is a little Christmas music from Africa (though not reggae): The Little Drummer Boy. Getting into the spirit.

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