HLC-096 Trump’s Taiwan On Strategy

HLC-096 Trump’s Taiwan On Strategy

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast for December 6, 2016, it’s the Trump’s Taiwan On Strategy edition of the podcast, brought to you by Stamps.com, SimpliSafe and DonorsTrust.

Today we discuss – Trumps phone call diplomacy with Taiwan. The Taiwanese government is no doubt in ecstasy that after forty years of one China policy – where the one China was someone other than them – that the new President-elect was either cunning enough or bumbling enough to get himself on the phone with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. We share some secret insight that we have from a Taiwanese diplomat acquaintance who shall remain nameless.

Then, Kelloggs dives into a bowl of politics and goes Snap Crackle Pop as (a) they suspend their advertising from Breitbart.com and (b) Breitbart strikes back. As of this writing Kelloggs (NSYE: K) is down about 4% in the last five trading days (against a rising market).

And we’ll talk about Madonna Doing the Trump Depression Dance. The rock star and pop tycoon is interviewed in Billboard Magazine this week and shares her mourning emote over the results of the election. It is not quite just another vacuum tube pop star whining however and the M-ster has a few intelligent things to say. We will discuss.

We will, as always, have our shower thoughts and this week our hidden gem is Ian Tyson’s country/folk classic Someday Soon as sung by Suzy Bogguss.

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