HLC095 – Trump Killed Fidel

HLC095 – Trump Killed Fidel

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club for November 28, 2016 it’s the Trump Killed Fidel edition of the show! Trump stuns the world winning the big election and just like that Fidel exits stage left to his eternal reward. Coincidence? We think not. We discuss how finally Fidel’s place in history is well-urned. Yuk, yuk. Should the Cuban government have kept their glorious leader in corporum eternus in the manner of Castro’s inspiration and guide V.I. Lenin (who continues to greet tourists to this day in his subterranean mausoleum)? Might an embalmed Fidel have come in handy as the greeting face at the future Havana Disney World’s Yesterday Exhibit? We’ll discuss.

And, why do liberals continue to whine and moan in utter hysteria over Trump and what can we do to get them to keep it up forever? Todd tells the story of a colleague who forwards all manner of diatribe to him – including a hilarious piece by Milo Yiannopoulos entitled Here’s Why There Ought to Be a Cap on Women Studying Science and Maths, the humor of which appears to have eluded said colleague. We’ll talk about Milo’s argument and the perspective of Nobel Prize Winner Tim Hunt regarding which Mike giving his informed scientific opinion.

Finally, Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan is challenging Nancy Pelosi and political orthodoxy that identity politics is all and everything to the left. What is identity politics anyway? Is our strength to be found in diversity or in unity? What is the value of diversity to the right? What is the value of unity to the left?

We will have, per usual, our shower thoughts; and our hidden gem this week is the classic tune Somewhere Beyond the Sea, as rendered by the talented (and beautiful) Miranda Wren Stopa.

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