HLC-094 The Trump Party Podcast

HLC-094 The Trump Party Podcast

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Podcast for November 22, 2016, It’s the Trump Party edition of the program, brought to you by SimpliSafe as well as Donors Trust. This week on the podcast we discuss the conflict of interest landmines awaiting Team Trump described recently by Republican Commentator David Frum. How will it be possible for President Trump to avoid getting in trouble when legislation, executive orders and rolling out of bed will have consequences for his personal financial empire? For the Democrats (and Republicans) who will be scheming to get rid of him as soon as possible won’t this be a target rich environment?

Then we’ll talk about Vice-President Elect Mike Pence’s trip to the theater with his daughter to see the big, Tony-award winning hit Hamilton and the booing and dissing that he endured just to acquire a little culture with his kid (other than that Mr. Pence, how did you enjoy the play?). Was that an unbelievable ego trip by the Hamilton cast and crew members or what?!?

Finally, we’ll discuss an article by bustle.com writer Julie Alvin entitled: 21 Women Whose Dads Voted For Donald Trump Tell Their Fathers How It Made Them Feel. How does this make Mike feel??? That’s Mike with three college attending daughters who are not completely with the Trump program.

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