HLC-093 The Primal Scream Podcast

HLC-093 The Primal Scream Podcast

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club podcast for November 15, 2016 it’s the Primal Scream edition of the podcast with your hosts, radio host Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist Mike Stopa. After six days we are all still screaming! Some scream for Donald Trump, some scream at Donald Trump and some scream, unaccountably, for ice cream.

This week on the podcast we will talk about more fallout from the election – from the enthusiastic protests of professional troublemakers and precious snowflakes to the promises, promises of Lena Durham and fellow travelers to leave the United States (don’t let the door hit you on the way out!); from the new odd couple in the White House – of course I am talking about Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon – to the nation’s courageous mayors who are reaffirming their commitment to stand in the schoolhouse doors and prevent the enforcement of Federal Law. We’ll talk about marches by the KKK that aren’t and Mike’s plan to use the purse strings of scientific research to force universities to ensure that their janitors and gardeners are all legal U.S. residents.

We’ll have, as usual, our fascinating shower thoughts and, as a tribute to the late, great Leonard Cohen we’ll have as our hidden gem of the week one of his early greats, Bird on a Wire.

So come and scream with us!

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