HLC-092 Trump is a Genius

HLC-092 Trump is a Genius

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club podcast for November 9, 2016 it’s the “Trump is a Genius” edition of the podcast. We’ll discuss the new reality of November 9, 2016. We’ve been wondering what this day was going to be like for *ever*. And it turns out to be better than we could possibly have imagined it! Not only did Trump win, but the sheer energy of the victory carried along almost all of his detractors on the right – at least temporarily – like a tsunami…a temporary tsunami?

We will discuss the change in the electorate that brought this about. Are the blue collar, Reagan Democrat, rust belt “leftover” voters a permanent feature of the new Republican coalition? Are Democrats in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – what Michael Moore called the “Brexit states,” destined to be a vanishing breed just as Democrats in the South have vanished?

Mike will make a valiant attempt at humor with the prospective differences between the Trump presidency and the Obama presidency. (It’s hilarious). And then we will discuss wither the Clintons now? Will Hill and Bill finally get divorced leaving Bill to sow his molding wild oats around the globe? We discuss!

Then we’ll have our shower thoughts as usual and our hidden gem this week is “It Don’t Worry Me,” from Robert Altman’s Nashville, as performed by Barbara Harris.

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