HLC-090-Trump Is Dead

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for October 25, 2016, it’s the “Trump is Dead” edition. Your hosts Todd Feinburg, Boston area talk show guy and Mike Stopa, practicing nanophysicist will guide you again through this week’s obstacle course of an election and preview what’s going to happen if we wake up on November 9 to President-elect Hillary Clinton (as we seem painfully likely to do). We will not spare you the pain: Obamacare cast in cement, pathway to citizenship, oppressive taxation (“she’ll go where the money is”) – are on the horizon. What do we do?

And we’ll also discuss the drip, drip, drip of the Wikileaks email dumps. If we haven’t heard the crescendo yet, what can we expect to come next? We discuss the revelation of some supposedly distinguished journalists cravenly calling themselves “hacks” and running their copy by John Podesta, the DNC or any other leftwing outfit that gives them succor and access. (Hint: we name names…but that’s what Wikileaks is all about, isn’t it?).

We’ll have our shower thoughts as usual and our hidden gem this week is Senza una Donna, by the Italian superstar Zucchero. (For you folkies out there, sorry, he *does not* play the banjo).

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