HLC-083 Hillary’s Immigration Wall

It’s the Harvard Lunch Club Podcast for September 6, 2016 – the Hillary’s Immigration Wall edition. We are nanophysicist Mike Stopa and radio talk host Todd Feinburg and this week we are discussing:

Note: Rent-seeking is an economics term that means rigging things so that you get benefits from the economy without contributing productivity to the economy. 


1) Todd poached some cuts of the New Yorker’s Adam Davidson talking about why Hillary Clinton and her rent-seeker approach to government is gross and why the Clinton Foundation is gross from the Slate Politcal Gabfest and the lads discuss the notion of a rent-seeking economy and whether Davidson is correct that the system is rigged and it’s gross!!!!


2) Hillary’s Immigration Reform plan, designed to create more illegal aliens and give them, along with those already here, more benefits. Stopa thinks she’ll have to get serious eventually, but Todd says she’ll just use the usual compassion talking points.


We’ll have our shower thoughts…

And John Coltrane provides our Hidden Gem.

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