Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for August 24, 2016, it’s the “What the Hell do Blacks Have to Lose?” edition of the podcast! Your hosts are radio talk show guy Todd Feinburg and Tea Party nanophysicist Mike Stopa and this week we welcome back to the HLC podcast Academy Award nominated screenwriter, co-founder of PJ Media and author of many books, including I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism is Destroying our Republic if it Hasn’t Already, our friend Roger L. Simon.

Donald Trump demonstrated yet again this week that no matter that the entire national and local media are repulsed by his rhetoric and his character, that nevertheless it is he who decides what it is we all talk about. From the speech asserting the need for “extreme vetting” of Muslim refugees before allowing them to come to America, to the appeal to African American voters that they have been systematically, repeatedly, arrogantly dissed and discarded by their Democrat overlords so why not vote for Trump, to the understated visit to the flood ravaged communities of Louisiana, Trump has been the talk of the land. We discuss especially the second of these, namely, what the hell do Black Americans have to lose in casting their vote for and their fate with Donald Trump?

Underlying this question is a deeper issue of what is the nature of the insularity and cultural cohesion of the African American community that leads it to vote so consistently and so overwhelmingly for Democrat candidates? Is it all attributable to the history of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Goldwater’s opposition thereto and Nixon’s “southern strategy?” Does the understandable stress of being Black in America lead to a siege mentality where certain allegiances are taken for granted? In any event, what do conservatives have to do to pierce the phalanx and initiate at the very least a dialogue in the African American community about who, in the end, will represent them the best?

And why does the liberal media (we particularly pick on NPR) go utterly bonkers when Trump tries to reclaim their loyal thralls?

We’ll have this and much more, including our shower thoughts and our hidden gem which this week Mike has chosen from the film version of the overture from “Little Shop of Horrors,” entitled Down on Skid Row (Downtown).

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