Welcome to the HLC podcast for August 9, 2016 it’s the “Hillary and Bill Clinton Line Forms on the Left” edition. Your host this week, soloing again, is nanophysicist Mike Stopa. This week we will talk about the stunning admission by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange that the leaker who provided the emails from the Democratic National Committee recently – which emails resulted in the canning of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz on the eve of the Democratic National Conventions – was none other than Seth Conrad Rich. You may recall that Rich was murdered in Washington D.C. on July 10 on his way home from his girlfriend’s apartment at 4 in the morning. Subsequently Assange and Wikileaks posted a $20,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Rich’s murderer(s). To date the case remains unsolved. Speculation is rampant on the internet of conspiracy theories regarding the famed Clinton trail of bodies.

We will discuss conspiracy theories in general and the Rich case in particular. In this context, will the media outside the Drudge-Rush-FoxNews axis report on this potentially damaging turn of events for the Clinton campaign or will they maintain their wall of protection and adverse disposition to Trump. We discuss and article by Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times arguing that Donald Trump poses such a clear and present threat to the Republic that the need for any further pretense of objectivity in journalism is no longer in effect and that the main stream media does not have to pretend anymore. Finally, we note that Rutenbeerg’s argument is at the core of liberalism which invokes moral crises at the drop of a hat in order to abandon their need to obey the rules.


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