HLC-073-Ann Coulter Is Here

Welcome to the “Ann Coulter is Here” edition of the Harvard Lunch Club podcast! It’s June 28, 2016. We are nanophysicist Mike Stopa and radio talk host Todd Feinburg and we join you every week for a discussion of the coolest political and public policy issues we can muster. Find us on our website, harvardlunchclub.com, and follow us on Twitter: @HLCpodcast

This week, we focus on these issues.

1) Ann Coulter’s new book is called “In Trump We Trust – E Pluribus Awesome.” And she tells us nothing about it on her first time on the @HLCpodcast because it’s not out till August. Which is just as well, because we just want to talk politics and have her explain why she loves Trump and what the importance of Brexit is – who cares about books as she is her usual delightful, and devoted to Donald, self.

2) Brexit. WTF?

We’ll also share our Shower Thoughts, and for our Hidden Gem, we go back to the god knows when era for the We Five “I woke up this morning.”

It’s the Harvard Lunch Club Podcast with Ann Coulter!!! @toddtalk @mikestopaMA Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Brexit


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