HLC-072-No Mention of ISIS

Welcome to the “No Mention of ISIS” edition of the Harvard Lunch Club podcast! It’s June 22, 2016. We are nanophysicist Mike Stopa and radio talk host Todd Feinburg and we join you every week for a discussion of the coolest political and public policy issues we can muster. Find us on our website, harvardlunchclub.com, and follow us on Twitter: @hldpodcast

Here are our topics for this week!

1) Now that Corey Lewandowski has been fired, Mike and Todd have a lengthy fleshing out of the state of the Trump campaign. Todd says Trump’s done a great job of torpedoing his chances of beating Hillary over the past few weeks, while Mike says this is just a lull, and Mike defends Trump against Todd’s accusation that the Donald is just a modern day Rosie Ruiz. 

(From Wikipedia: Rosie Ruiz is a Cuban American runner who was declared the winner in the female category for the 84th Boston Marathon in 1980, only to have her title stripped eight days after the race when it was discovered that she had not run the entire course. She took the subway from Cambridge to Boston (a few miles before the finish line) and ran to the finish line, making it seem as if she had run the whole marathon.)

2) The justice department is engaged in a coverup to make sure that no one has to think of the Orlando gay nightclub terror attack as having anything to do with radical Islam. Is this good, bad or not the point? Is Lynch’s redacted transcript the most ham-fisted attempt to prevent the naming of the enemy ever?

We’ll also share our Shower Thoughts, and for our Hidden Gem, we go back to the 1970s for Elton John’s Harmony off the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album.

NOTE: Todd has recorded an interview for the new edition of the Challenging Opinions podcast with host William Campbell, hosting from Berlin. Please subscribe and hear American politics (and other topics) on a program with an Irish “presenter.”


William is an author, podcaster and entrepreneur. Although he has spent most of his life in Ireland, he was also educated in the UK and the United States and has lived in other places, such as Italy, Germany and Thailand.

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