HLC-071-Terror In Orlando

Welcome to the HLC Podcast for June 14, 2016. It’s the Terror in Orlando edition. We are nanophysicist Mike Stopa and radio talk host Todd Feinburg. Find us online at harvardlunchclub.com and on twitter @hlcpodcast.
Here are our topics:
Democrats claim to be compassionate in all their policies, but their compassion toward Islam requires that they allow terrorists to use lax immigration laws as a conduit to penetrate the U.S. How do they explain this to the LGBT community, and general voters, their refusal to stand up for the safety of Americans.
The terror attack in Orlando will presumably shift the narrative in the presidential election toward Donald Trump. But did Trump already damage – or even ruin – his chances with his attacks on Judge Curiel over the past couple of weeks?
Did the bathroom bill cause the shootings in Orlando? An argument that’s about as inane as that is being pushed by the left. We’ll break it down for you.
We’ll have our Shower Thoughts, and for your Hidden Gem, in tribute to the shooting victims in Orlando, we offer you Had to Cry Today from Blind Faith.
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