Welcome to the HLC Podcast for May 17, 2016. It’s the World’s Biggest Liar edition. We are nanophysicist Mike Stopa and radio talk host Todd Feinburg. Find us online at harvardlunchclub.com and on twitter @hlcpodcast.

Here are our topics:

1) We discuss “This bathroom business,” as Mike puts it. Who should be able to use which bathroom and who should be upset about it.

2. Hillary uses a fake southern accent and pretends she didn’t show blatant disregard for confidential documents, Trump says he didn’t pretend to be Donald Trump even though he admitted to it in deposition. Who is the world’s biggest liar?

3. All of sudden, the TSA can’t keep up. What’s going on?

WE’ll have our Shower Thoughts, for our Hidden Gem – we skip it for this week because Todd has a cold and wants to finish up and start chugging NyQuil, the Wonder Drug?

Find us online at HarvardLunchClub.com, follow us on Twitter – @hlcpodcast. Go to iTunes and tell them how much you love us. We’re also on Facebook.


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