HLC-062-A Trump/Cruz Ticket

Welcome to the HLC Podcast for April 12, 2016. It’s The “Trump/Cruz Ticket” edition. We are nanophysicist Mike Stopa and radio talk host Todd Feinburg. Find us online at harvardlunchclub.com and on twitter @hlcpodcast.
Here are our topics:
1) Mike wrote a very nice piece on Ricochet arguing that the GOP will turn to a Trump/Cruz ticket. And too be fair, others are suggesting the same outcome could happen. While it could happen, Todd says only at the point of a gun.
2. There is a difference in life expectancy between rich and poor people in the U.S. Maybe that’s why people prefer being rich. We break it down.
3. Mike, being a nanophysicist, will tell us about new water desalination nanotechnology. Todd will dispute most of his conclusions, no matter how sound.
WE’ll have our Shower Thoughts, and for our Hidden Gem, we play a song from R&B singer Joss Stone, born this week in 1967, called Right to be Wrong.
Find us online at HarvardLunchClub.com, follow us on Twitter – @hlcpodcast. Go to iTunes and tell them how much you love us. We’re also on Facebook.

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